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Religious right attorney disbarred

Austin, Texas Last year, we broke the story that Neal Hogan, a Christian Coalition leader and Council for National Policy member, was practicing law without a license. At the time, Hogan told the Freedom Writer that he headed the District of Columbia chapter of the Christian Coalition. He also said that he was licensed by the state of Texas to practice law. When we told him that the Texas Bar Association informed us that he had not been licensed to practice law since 1992, Hogan responded, "So."

This July, the State Bar of Texas found Hogan guilty of professional misconduct for knowingly misrepresenting himself as a member of the State Bar of Texas after he had been suspended. Hogan was disbarred, ordered to surrender his law license, pay attorney's fees, and to pay restitution to a client, whom he had illegally represented.

Hogan gained some notoriety after the 1996 elections when he headed the Voter Integrity Project (VIP). VIP investigated the Louisiana senatorial race in which Mary Landrieu narrowly defeated CNP member, Woody Jenkins.

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