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Focus focuses on President Clinton

Colorado Springs, Colorado On August July 24, 1998, James Dobson's Pastor's Weekly Briefing warned that "President Clinton signed a new executive order (EO# 13083) which revoked President Reagan's EO# 12612 that had reaffirmed the federal government's enumerated constitutional powers. According to the Pastor's Weekly Briefing, "the new order effectively revokes the 10th Amendment and arrogates to the President broad new powers tantamount to those of a totalitarian dictatorship."

"The order gives the federal government authority to force almost anything deemed 'necessary,' and effectively prevents Congress from interceding. Even national disturbances, such as those predicted from the Y2K computer problem, could warrant activation of the War Powers Act and martial law."

The August 7th issue of the Pastor's Weekly Briefing carried this "update." "Under pressure from many state governors, Congress and angry citizens, President Clinton has temporarily 'suspended' his executive order that granted near dictatorial powers to himself."

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