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Religious Right update

Wildmon paid Flynt’s daughter

Tupelo, Mississippi — The Reverend Donald Wildmon knows a marketing opportunity when he sees one. When the film The People vs. Larry Flynt came out in 1996, Flynt's daughter, Tonya Flynt-Vega, accused her father of exploiting women for the sake of making money, and threatening her life because she speaks publicly against him.

The Freedom Writer has learned that while Tonya Flynt was speaking out against her father, Rev. Wildmon's American Family Association paid her $4000 in "cash assistance."

The AFA declined to return our call requesting a comment.

California GOP crisis

After years of growth, the percentage of Republicans registered in California has decreased (some 400,000 total) ever since the takeover of the party by the radical right in 1990. (California Congress of Republicans 4/20/98 newsletter)

What the hell?

Colorado Springs, Colorado — The city that is home to James Dobson's Focus on the Family ministry is enforcing a long-ignored ordinance prohibiting the use of "profane language" in city parks. As of May of this year, 17 tickets had been given out. In 1996, only two tickets for profanity had been issued.

Quote of the Month

"I object to the promotion of the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle as being acceptable when it violates the Judeo-Christian Bible. I believe the Bible says a homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is wrong, and God pronounced the death penalty on them." — Rev. Ron Killingsworth of Wichita Falls, Texas

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