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Robert Simonds: a new Moses?

Costa Mesa, California ó Saying God told him, "Christians must exit the public schools," Robert L. Simonds, president of Citizens for Excellence in Education, launched "Rescue 2010." The project aims to lead every Christian student out of the public school system and into home schools or parochial schools by the year 2010.

"We got crapped on," Simonds told Freedom Writer. He said he tried to make peace, and cooperate with public schools administrators, but it didnít work.

Simonds, the author of "How to Elect Christians to Public Office," is best known for his efforts to take over school boards by helping to elect conservative Christians to school board seats.

"We'll take away their power and their money," Simonds said. "Money comes from students. We'll break their backs by taking 24 million kids out of the public schools." He claims the effects of his campaign will be seen by 2000, and will be complete by 2010.

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