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NYC teacher leads students in prayer

New York, New York — In June, a city school teacher was dismissed for "laying hands on" students, praying with them, and imploring them to accept Jesus. The 30 students in the Bronx intermediate classroom were given the option of leaving the prayer session. Only one, a Jehovah’s Witness, opted out. She packed her belongings and said she wasn’t coming back.

The teacher, Mildred Rosario said, "A lot of programs are brought into our schools where they talk about condoms, drugs and everything else, but we cannot talk about God. This is an injustice."

Ms. Rosario told the administration that she couldn’t guarantee that, if given the opportunity, she wouldn’t evangelize again in the classroom. Hence, the administration had no option left but to dismiss her. Ms. Rosario has become a cause célèbre for the radical religious right.

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