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Pastor advocates executing children

LaPorte, Colorado Christian Identity minister Pastor Pete Peters is calling for public beatings of children and the execution of children who commit murder. In his May/June 1998 newsletter, Peters wrote: "As for public beatings, what is society to do when the foolishness of a child has not been driven out of him in a parent-responsible Biblical fashion and he does foolish pranks such as phoning in a bomb threat at school just to get out of school. Restitution doesn't apply as it is hard to calculate. What applies is Proverbs 26:3 'A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the back of fools.'

"Remember the Jewish boy in the Asian country who vandalized and was sentenced to caning (a cane pole is a rod)? Remember how the Jewish Antichrist media made out how horrible it was? But do you think the kid will ever do it again? Not in that country, and rest assured, few kids there do such things because of such public beating of fools.

"You can call those boys who shot those children and teacher what you want, but the innocent blood from the ground cries out Murder, Murder, Murder. Those boys are murderers and the prophets of old would cry out God's Word which teaches us to execute murderers.

"Someone needs to say it. Execute the murderers! The execution is to be done after a speedy trial by Godly government. Let it be a public execution as was once done in America when the hanging of a murderer was a public event. Thus, televise it (preferably pipe it into the classrooms or during Saturday morning cartoon hour) only let it not be a hanging, an electrocution nor lethal injection. Rather do it Biblical fashion. Stone them to death."

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