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Antiabortionists name doctors to kill

Des Moines, Iowa Eleven doctors who perform abortions are targeted for death by the "Rescue Platoon" of the mysterious Army of God in a "hypothetical" article in Prayer & Action News, a conservative Christian publication. Additionally, the article asserts that every abortion clinic in the state of Florida will be "leveled in one night." The article weaves fact with fiction.

As a warning, the article states that doctors will be shot with harmless paint balls first, and later, those who still perform abortions will be shot by snipers using hollow-point bullets filled with mercury, "so that no matter where we hit, the mercury would make the wound fatal."

The article, by David Maccabee (a pseudonym), was posted on the Internet in May. Within days, clinics across Florida were vandalized with butyric acid, a difficult to remove chemical that smells like vomit. To date, ten clinics in five Florida cities have been hit. In most cases, individuals approached the clinics by night, drilled holes in window frames and doors and sprayed in the chemical. No arrests have been made.

Prayer & Action News is published by David Leach of Des Moines, Iowa. The website address is: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/8735/.

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