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Group urges 'Biblical tests of character'
for candidates

Even though Article Six of the US Constitution clearly states that: "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States," a Christian Reconstructionist group in Virginia has proposed just such a test.

The group, the Virginia Trinitarian Pro-nomian Alliance (VTPA), uses two dozen Scripture references to back up its claim that "all candidates for public office shall be required to give a public account of their works for Christ, and the fruitfulness of those works. This account shall be thoroughly and impartially investigated by an independent council. Only candidates with a fruitful Christian life will be considered true to Christ, and therefore qualified to hold public office."

The VTPA posted an article called "The Biblical Test of Character for Candidates for Public Office and for Civil Servants" on its Internet site. The article concludes, "If Christians in America continue to permit non-Christians to govern the country, to usurp the authority of God in matters of the State, and to make decisions according to their own wills, instead of according to the will of our Sovereign God, then there will be no relief from the negative sanctions and judgment of God upon this country."

The VTPA's Internet site contains a number of Christian Reconstructionist articles, and links to numerous like-minded groups. The address for the VTPA web site is http://members.aol.com/vtpa.

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