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Churches hit the Internet

New York, NY The American Bible Society is committing $5 million to a project intended to link every church in the US and Canada to the World Wide Web. Houses of Worship (HOW) is an Internet site that will network more than 300,000 churches in North America for increased dialogue, cooperation, and publicity. It was initiated by the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation with the help of founding partner, OnTV.

"Just as churches pioneered the invention and use of the printing press, today's churches and religious leaders are pioneering a new, positive use of the Internet to connect and spread their messages," said Reid Carpenter of the Council of Leadership Foundation.

A free website with four web pages is offered to every church in North America to introduce the church's mission statements, programs, staff, etc. Churches with existing web pages can simply link to their sites from the HOW address.

"We surveyed 201 religious leaders across the country, and 80 percent agree it's important for churches to have an Internet presence," said Peter Bradley of the American Bible Society. "Houses of Worship fulfills that need, and does so in an easy-to-use format. With the support of future sponsors, HOW will continue to be a freely accessible site for all houses of worship."

Interested parties may visit the site at http://www.housesofworship.net, or call (888) 437-3746 for additional information.

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