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Religious Right update

Truth in advertising

Washington, DC Gary Bauer, of the Family Research Council, knows a marketing opportunity when he sees one. His group, along with its sister organization, Focus on the Family, is largely responsible for bringing into fashion the plight of persecuted Chri stians in foreign lands. Without a doubt, people of various religious faiths are persecuted throughout the world.

Now, the Family Research Council claims in an ad in Christianity Today (11/17/97) that, "Many decorations Americans buy to celebrate the Christmas season are made in China, many by slave laborers imprisoned by living out their Christian beliefs." For $17, readers who want to "send a special message of hope and remembrance to our fellow Christians in China," can receive "this 6" limited-edition hand-crafted brass ornament" commissioned by the Family Research Council.

In the full-page ad, the ornament appears considerably smaller than six inches, so Freedom Writer called the Family Research Council's toll-free number (1-800-225-4008) to check it out. A spokeswoman explained that the six inches includes the strin g that the ornament hangs from.

Christian Coalition on television

Chesapeake, Virginia Christian Coalition Television (CCTV), a weekly program created to broadcast news and information to the members and supporters of the Christian Coalition, can now be seen weekly. Carried on Paul Weyrich's National Empowerment Telev ision (NET), the live program is broadcast on Mondays at 2 pm (EST).

The "in-house" discussions can also be picked up by satellite in the event NET is not available on local cable. Call DishNet at 1-800-638-5555 for information. The program is also simulcast on the Christian Coalition's Internet site (www.cc.org) via RealA udio.

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