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Practice what you preach

Opinion by Skipp Porteous

In a recent The New York Times article titled "A Marriage Gone Bad Struggles for Redemption," Laurie Goodstein interviewed Lyndi McCartney, wife of Promise Keeper founder Bill McCartney. Mrs. McCartney revealed that her husband totally neglected he r while he was off organizing and speaking at Promise Keeper rallies.

In the October 29th article, Goodstein compared the size of Promise Keeper rallies with those of evangelist Billy Graham. The comparison between Bill McCartney and Billy Graham is an interesting one. While I disagree with the theological positions of both men, I give Graham credit for practicing what he preaches.

Bill McCartney personifies everything that is good and bad about Promise Keepers. The movement has attracted a million men who readily confess that they have not been all they should be at home, but want to do something about it. On the other hand, they l eave their wives and children for distant football stadiums where they talk about building strong families.

Perhaps if McCartney and his disciples just stayed home with their loved ones they would accomplish that which they claim is their goal.

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