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Rev. Wildmon near death?

Tupelo, MS With grave heart trouble, the Rev. Donald Wildmon, America's most notorious censor and longtime opponent of the separation of church and state, may have said his last goodbyes. In a July letter to members of his American Family Association, W ildmon asked a personal favor to write a note of encouragement to his wife Lynda. "I would deeply appreciate your dropping her a note of encouragement and thanks...and please say a prayer for her also," he wrote.

"At age 59," Wildmon wrote, "with two heart attacks behind me and with my main artery now completely blocked, do I have any regrets about having taken that step in faith and followed God's leading in my life 20 years ago? The answer is a resounding no!"

A doctor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Freedom Writer, "Wildmon could go in six months, but there's no way to predict when it would happen." He said that bypass surgery could possibly extend Wildmon's life.

Wildmon's life is chronicled in a new 60-minute video called "Don Wildmon, An American Treasure," available for $25 from the American Family Association.

"Would I make the same decision today, knowing what I now know?" Wildmon asked rhetorically. "Without skipping a heartbeat (no pun intended) I would."

Wildmon added, "I don't know what the future holds for AFA, but I know Who holds the future."

"We have won a few victories, but not the war. But I have tried. With all my heart I have tried."

It appears that Wildmon's son Tim, AFA vice-president, will succeed his father in the event of Don's death or incapacitation.

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