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Christian Identity sites

Kingdom Identity Ministries
The Kingdom Identity Ministries page is a typical online Identity ministry that is, mostly devoted to the peddling of books, tapes, videos, and other goods. Take them up on their offer to send a free information packet, and don't miss the "For Liberals Only" page.

Scriptures for America
Pastor Pete Peters' Scriptures for America is perhaps the most active organization in the Identity movement. SFA is an outreach ministry of Peters' LaPorte Church of Christ in LaPorte, Colorado. Here you can find the full text of the infamous "Death Penal ty for Homosexuals" pamphlet, as well as several other essays with titles like "The Bible: Handbook for Extremists" and "M.L. King: His Dream, Our Nightmare." The activism library contains a handy anti-thought control dictionary and tips on living with th e New World Order, along with SFA's takes on the Bible, law, history, and social issues. There's also a newsletter, book reviews, a catalogue, and some basic information on Christian Identity.

GOAL Reference Library
GOAL is an acronym for God's Order Affirmed in Love. The goal in question here is "reconstructing a national identity for Christian whites." Much of the material and there is a lot of it concerns itself with matters of race. There is an Identity FAQ a nd a link from which you can download a debate on Identity. Antisemitic information is listed under the heading, "Know Your Enemy."

Minuteman Ministries
These self-proclaimed "false doctrine busters" devote a section of their web site to busting dispensationalism, but the real meat of this site is the dozen online pamphlets from "The Revelator." The topics covered range from Israel and "the worm that diet h not" to the immortal soul and life and death. Includes entertaining hate mail section.

The Jubilee
"The Biblical term jubilee comes from the Hebrew word tabal which means a Trumpet (or ram's horn); a great noise by implication. The trumpet to which it refers is the Trumpet sound that could be heard in the year of Jubilee (every 50 years) to signal the release of all debts, slaves and land. This is our mission." The 24-page newspaper has been published bimonthly since 1988. The Jubilee web site features articles from current and back issues, as well as a gallery of cartoons. The advertisements section b oasts "items that won't be found at any K-Mart 'blue-light sale.'"

Hatewatch monitors hate group activity on the Internet, including white supremacism, neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial, black racism, antigay, and anti- Christian. The section devoted to Christian Identity activity on the web catalogues many Identity web sites with quotes from each page. There are also links to a few background articles by Chip Berlet, Paul de Armond, and others.

America's Promise Ministries
America's Promise is an Idaho ministry pastored by Dave Barley. The web site contains the usual newsletter and catalogue, plus links to related web pages. Most interesting is an essay on "The Torture and Death of Saint Simon of Trent," describing in grisl y detail how some Jews abduct and torture a young boy for the celebration of Passover. Although the martyrdom of St. Simon took place in 1475, the author suggests that similar ritual murders might be taking place even today.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse's web site is maintained by an entity calling itself "Christian soldiers" for "the lost sheep of the House of Israel who are the white Christians of the world." The site features articles focusing on government, Identity, and Jewish topics. The link page proclaims, "Some of these sites even tell lies about the Identity People [The Lost Sheep] but we wanted The Lost Sheep to actually see the HATRED that others have for them."

Christian Identity profile
This page gives a succinct profile of the Christian Identity movement and a few links to Identity-related web pages. There's also a listing of books and articles about Identity.

Weisman Publications
An independent publisher specializing in "controversial issues," including Christian Identity. Among the titles available for ordering are Henry Ford's The International Jew and What World Famous Men Said About Jews.

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