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Amount Pat Robertson paid in 1963 for the first TV station in his
Christian Broadcasting Network: $37,000

Number of $10 contributors Robertson originally needed
each month to sustain "The 700 Club": 700

Number of years before Robertson dropped the Christian Broadcasting Network
name in favor of The Family Channel: 26

Number of years before The Family Channel was purchased by the Robertson-controlled International Family Entertainment: 7

Amount Rupert Murdoch paid in 1997 for International Family Entertainment: $1,900,000,000

Number of religious shows, including "The 700 Club," remaining on The Family Channel: 1

Value of the Christian Coalition's donor list: $900,000

Age of Randy Tate, new Christian Coalition executive director: 31

Number of Americans between 18 and 35: 70,000,000

Percentage of 18-to-35-year-olds who believe in God: 90

Percentage who list "family values" as today's most important issue: 6.3

Rank of the Bible as the book people would want with them if stranded on a deserted island: 1

Number of religious books sold in the US in 1994: 70,500,000

Percentage of growth in sales of religious books from 1991 to 1994: 92

Rank of Christian book stores for sale of religious books: 1

Percentage of total market share for religious books: 7

Number of groups anti-church/state separationist David Barton claims to address each year: 400

Amount a Colorado Springs fundamentalist church was ordered to pay to each plaintiff whose children were baptized without their permission: $664.29

Number of home-schooled children in the US during the 1996-97 school year: 1,200,000

Percentage of increase over previous year: 15

Percentage of home-schoolers who are white: 95

Percentage who are Christian: 90

Number of times the word "homosexual" appears in the July 1997
American Family Association Journal: 75

Number of times Beverly LaHaye uses the word "feminist" in her July 1997 fund raising letter: 12

Number of men attending Promise Keeper stadium rallies in 1996: 1,100,000

Percent of decrease in 1997 attendance: 28

Amount of earnings in 1996: $96,400,000

Percentage of earnings from ticket sales: 70

Cost to attend October "million man" rally in Washington, DC: $0

Average donation made when "bucket" is passed at Promise Keeper rallies: $4

Percentage who respond favorably to Promise Keeper fundraising letters: 15

Average contribution in response to Promise Keeper fundraising letters: $38

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