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Ten good guys on the web

Body Politic
Since January 1991, Anne Bower has been keeping the pro-choice community informed through the Body Politic, a monthly newsmagazine whose motto is "real reporting, not sound bites." The Body Politic web site features many excellent in-depth articles from the print version. The other highlight of this site is the National Pro-Choice Directory, a state-by-state index of pro-choice resources.

People for the American Way
PFAW's web site contains lots of information on this group's key issues: free expression, choice, equal rights, education, and religious liberty. There's substantial material on the religious right, including fact-filled reports on the most well-known organizations. You can also read PFAW's quarterly newsletter or its Internet publication, Right Wing Watch Online.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
GLAAD stresses media issues on its web site, the most useful feature of which is a thorough directory of media addresses and numbers. The ABC sitcom "Ellen" is prominently featured on GLAAD's official "Come Out with Ellen" web page, which also lists 30 other gay and lesbian television characters. There's a good freedom to marry resource, too.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Although this site could be better organized, there's a lot of legislative information here, including discussion of vouchers, parental rights, and other legislative proposals. Americans United keeps an eye on the state legislatures, too, and you can find out what separation-related activity is occurring in your state capital. Visit the library for highlights from Church & State magazine.

The Interfaith Alliance
This organization promotes the positive role of religion in public life while challenging those who use religion to promote extreme agendas. In addition to information about the group itself, this web site features TIA's quarterly newsletter, voter guides, and other reports. There's also a collection of quotes from religious right leaders on anti-Semitism, women, church-state separation, and other issues.

American Civil Liberties Union
This highly recommended site covers, in addition to church and state, reproductive rights; free speech; cyber-liberties; criminal justice; the death penalty; HIV/AIDS; the rights of women, lesbians and gays, immigrants, and students; national security; racial equality; voting rights; and rights in the workplace. Each topic has its own page with an index of ACLU resources and links to related sites. Other highlights include a voter's guide, press-release archive, information on the ACLU's legislative activities, a summary of the ACLU's 75 greatest court cases, an online version of the US Constitution, and much more. The site is well-designed and a pleasure to navigate. Don't miss it.

Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
The First Amendment Center's Supreme Court page includes summaries and full text opinions of First Amendment decisions since 1990, plus a bibliography, history of the Supreme Court, and biographies of its justices. Other resources include back issues of the FAC's newsletter, a weekly legal watch, reports on First Amendment issues, and a timeline spanning over 350 years of events and ideas that have shaped the First Amendment.

American Booksellers Association
The ABA's free expression page contains features from its newsletter and information on Banned Books Week. Book lovers will want to explore the rest of this site.

Political Research Associates
If you can forgive this site's unfortunate use of animated graphics, you'll find lots of solidly researched articles on all aspects of the political right. PRA has compiled bibliographies on over 30 topics, including abortion, the anti-ecologist right, and far-right scapegoating of Jews. The site contains an impressive list of right wing groups and movements. There's also an online version of Eyes Right!, the book edited by PRA researcher Chip Berlet.

Pro-SOCS (an acronym for Pro-Separation of Church and State) is a Texas-based group headed by Dave and Jo Martin. Their web site contains a dozen documents on the religious right, including essays, book recommendations, and quotes.

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