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Number of legs on Christian Identity preacher Pete Peter's Rottweiler: 3

Number of times a "Celebrity Bloopers" spoof bleeped out the "F" word: 17

Percentage of Disney's 63,000 employees who are gay,
according to the Christian Family Network: 40

Amount raised in 1996 by Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition: $27,000,000

Percentage of increase over previous year: 38

Amount raised last year by James Dobson's Focus on the Family ministry: $125,000,000

Number of times each week various editions of James Dobson's
Focus on the Family radio show is heard around the world: 100,000

Estimated number of faithful listeners to the Focus on the Family radio show: 5,000,000

Number of Republican candidates running for President in 1996
who sought James Dobson's endorsement: 5

Number of seconds Georgia law requires public school students to observe
"silent reflection on the anticipated activities of the day": 60

Percentage by which Mary Landrieu beat CNP member Woody Jenkins
in U.S. Senate race in Louisiana: .0003

Amount paid for an absentee vote in a Louisiana Sheriff's race: $25

Number of Commandments on the wall in Judge Roy Moore's courtroom: 10

Amount raised in contributions to defend Judge Roy Moore in his fight against
the separation of church and state: $100,000

Number of clergy who filed a friend-of-the-court brief maintaining Judge Moore's placement
of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom is unconstitutional: 52

Number of votes religious right candidate Linda Smith of Washington state won her
congressional seat by: 1000

Percentage of employees who quit Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing this year because
of disagreement over the mission of the organization: 23

Amount in bequests received by Presbyterian churches in 1995: $75,000,000

Percentage of air time Jimmy Swaggart devoted to promoting his ministry and
raising funds in 1988, before his tryst with a prostitute: 97

Percentage of time spent last year dedicated to fund raising: 8

Number of abortions obtained by Norma McCorvey the "Jane Roe" of the Roe v. Wade
decision that legalized abortion: 0

Percentage of Fundamentalist Christians who believe abortion should be legal in some cases: 58

Percentage of women who have abortions that describe themselves as born again Christians: 18

Percentage of women who have abortions that are Roman Catholic: 31

Number of antiabortion billboards to be erected by ministers in Houston this summer: 22

Percentage of format devoted to preaching on Christian radio: 25

Number of Pat Robertson's followers who called the Washington Post after a published article which called them "largely poor, uneducated and easy to command"
was reported on "The 700 Club": 500

Cost per year to receive recorded telephone bulletins from Ralph Reed
about pending legislation: $19.95

Number of votes, plus fifty percent, is the goal of politics, according to Ralph Reed: 1

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