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Home-based activism

To date, our activist guide has generally focused on activists who are group-affiliated. This month's activist guide consists of tips for the home-based activist.

Many people ask us how they can help defend the separation between church and state. There are many ways to be an armchair activist. For example, readers from around the United States provide the Institute for First Amendment Studies (IFAS) with extremely useful material. Some of this material is found each month in Freedom Writer. Sometimes it is passed on to a wide range of media with whom we share information. Other material is held in our extensive vertical files for later use by researchers, journalists, or special IFAS projects. If you would like to become this kind of activist, here are some tips:

Local paper




Christian bookstores

Evangelical churches

Finally, if you just want to help spread the word, here's what you can do. Sign up new subscribers to Freedom Writer. If you sign up 10 or new subscribers, all you have to do is collect $10 from each, and send IFAS a check for the total. (Include each name and address, of course.)

So, there is much you can do as a home-bound activist. If we all do our part, together we can make a difference!

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