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In the July 1985 Freedom Writer, the Institute for First Amendment Studies was the first to write about the National Association of Christian Educators' (NACE) announcement of "our Lord's plans to bring public education back under the control of the Christian community." Under their new "parents' groups" called Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE), the group outlined its plan to take over school boards.

In that issue, The Freedom Writer published a facsimile of a letter written by NACE president Robert L. Simonds. "When we get an active Christian parent's committee (CEE) in operation in all districts," Simonds wrote, "we can elect a majority on all local school boards. This would allow us to determine all local policy; select good textbooks; good curriculum programs; superintendents and principals. Our time has come!"

Since that time, CEE has grown dramatically. Simonds claims that more than 12,000 conservative Christians have since been elected to public school boards.

The July 1985 Freedom Writer also published a related article called "Public school missionaries," based on a story found in Simonds' newsletter, Education Newsline:

Public school missionaries

An Education Newsline article titled "Teacher sees 52 saved in one year" is about a public school teacher who is a Campus Crusade for Christ missionary at Issaquah High School in the state of Washington. The teacher, Mike Gallagher, outlines his techniques for converting his public high school students to Christ:

Gallagher said he sees his high school campus as "one of the richest mission fields and I am committed to harvesting it." He is not alone. With total disrespect for the constitutional provision for separation between church and state, thousands of born-agains are feverishly working as missionaries in our public schools.

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