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Concerned about
Concerned Women for America

By Julie Schollenberger

Concerned Women for America (CWA) held its 11th annual national convention in mid-September, just two weeks after the Christian Coalition's Road to Victory conference.

The Christian Coalition conference garnered much more media coverage and was much better attended, drawing 3,000 attendees compared with Concerned Women for America's 800, but the CWA conference was noteworthy in a number of respects, perhaps especially for the ways in which it echoed the messages of several of the other Religious Right conferences held during the last year.

Concerned Women for America "seeks to preserve Judeo-Christian Values in law and public policy, to protect family rights, and to provide a voice for women who feel unrepresented by the feminist movement." The group gave its American Patriot Award to Jesse Helms for his "fights against liberalism, abortion and the homosexual agenda."

Some of the speakers at the CWA conference included:

The Concerned Women for America conference demonstrated what had become apparent from several other Religious Right conferences held in the past year: virtually all of the Religious Right organizations work to further the same agenda, regardless of their proclaimed emphasis. The ultimate goal of many of the most powerful leaders of the Religious Right is the "Christianization of America." That is precisely what makes the apparent willingness of some conservative and ultraconservative Jews to coalesce with the overwhelmingly Christian Religious Right so irrational.

Julie Schollenberger is director of the Los Angeles-based Institute for the Study of the Religious Right. Founded in 1992, ISRR was formed to research and disseminate information about the activities of the Religious Right in the United States. For more information email ISRR@aol.com.

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