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Questions for school board candidates

Describe your personal experience and involvement with the public schools in the past five years that qualifies you as a school committee member.

What is your view of public education's purpose?

What will be your top five objectives, if elected to the school committee?

What long-range plan would you want to implement for the school district? (May include growth, curriculum, staffing, and/or parental involvement.)

Do you have any specific changes you want to make in school district policies, programs, or the various school curricula being offered? If so, what changes do you want to make and why?

What is your view of the respective roles of the school committee, the superintendent, school councils, and teachers in the development and selection of classroom curricula, textbooks, etc.?

What do you see as the primary role of school counselors, and to what degree should they be free to make decisions based on their experience, professional knowledge, and understanding of district policies and philosophy?

What is your opinion of the current school district policies towards students with special needs, i.e. mainstreaming behavioral problem students, English as a second language, breakfast programs, students who face the problems of poverty, family problems, etc.?

Do you support the constitutional provision for a separation between church and state? What, specifically, do you think it means for public schools?

As individuals, children are allowed to pray in public schools. Should this right be expanded in any way?

What are your views on the role of religion in the public schools? (For example, the teaching of religion, teaching creationism, holiday observances, etc.)

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