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Aggressive Rescue campaign
targets seven cities

Operation Rescue Update, the militant anti-abortion group's newsletter [June 1993], lists seven cities targeted for assault by Operation Rescue National [ORN] from July 9-18. They are Cleveland, OH; Minneapolis, MN; San Jose, CA; Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; Jac kson, MS; Melbourne, FL; and Philadelphia, PA.

The women's clinic offensive is part of ORN's "Cities of Refuge" campaign. The Rev. Keith Tucci, ORN's executive director, believes that his organization has pro-choice supporters quaking in fear. "The thought of believers around the country joining the b attle for life during the Cities of Refuge is striking terror in their hearts," he said. "They realize that the Cities of Refuge is the beginning of a long term plan to make their cities free from the shedding of innocent blood."

Although ORN claims that accounts concerning "pro-life violence" are lies, the group's motto is: "If you believe abortion is murder, then ACT like it's murder!"

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