IFAS | Freedom Writer | June/July 1993 | godsgift.html

God's gift to California

Christian right activists in California have proclaimed Gov. Pete Wilson's call for a special statewide election in November, "A gift from God!" Steve Guffanti, of Parents for Educational Choice, said, "It's going to really help us win!"

While the special election is to allow voters to decide whether to renew a half-cent state sales tax which expires June 30, the religious right will use the special election in an attempt to pass the "Parental Choice in Education Initiative." This would p rovide vouchers worth about $2,700 per child to parents, allowing the parents to use them as cash to send their children to private, Christian schools.

In California, citizens can place initiatives on the ballot by obtaining enough valid signatures. The signatures have already been validated, and the initiative was expected to appear on the ballot in 1994.

However, with the sales tax election coming up, the "Parental Choice in Education Initiative" will appear a year sooner. good news, etc., "San Diego County's Christian Newspaper," said, "God using Gov. Wilson is allowing the earlier vote."

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