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Who supports the religious right?

If you enjoy Coors beer during Monday night football games, or serve Ocean Spray cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, you may unwittingly support the religious right.

The Coors beer family, also the brewer of Keystone and George Killian beers, is a major supporter of the radical religious right. Coors supports a wide array of far right and religious right organizations. These groups include Pat Robertson's Regent Unive rsity, Robert Simond's National Association of Christian Educators/Citizens for Excellence in Education (the group trying to take over school boards "for the Lord"), Morality in Media (one of the leading pro-cenorship groups), the Rutherford Institute (th e radical legal organization founded with the help Christian Reconstructionist leader RI. Rushdoony), and Intercessors for America (whose Gary Bergel is an editor for the Coalition on Revival's Crosswinds magazine).

Another Christian Reconstructionist organization, the Plymouth Rock Foundation, has ties to Ocean Spray Cranberries, of Plymouth, Massachusetts. John G. Talcott, Jr., president of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., is also president of the Plymouth Rock Found ation. Plymouth Rock's executive director, Rus Walton, is a member of the Coalition on Revival steering committee, and works with other groups to Christianize America.

On the opposite coast, in California's Orange County, Rob Hurtt, owner of Container Supply Company, is a major supporter of the religious right. Last year Hurtt donated more than a half-million dollars to far right candidates.

A co-founder of the politically active Sacramento-based Capitol Resource Institute (connected with James Dobson's Focus on the Family organization), Hurtt donates $100,000 a year to that group. Hurtt is currently running for state senator in California. His Container Supply Company generates $23 million annually. One of its most visible products is the stylish pink container used for Almond Roca candy.

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