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Robertson's news service

Although the Rev. Pat Robertson failed to follow through on his successful bid for United Press International last year, the televangelist intends to compete in the secular news arena. Robertson recently launched Standard News, a "mainstream" radio news s ervice.

The new company replaces Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) news on an estimated 300 Christian stations, and is branching out into the secular market. Standard News laims to employ Washington's iargest staff of radio reporters, and is reportedly assiste d by Reuters to gather worldwide news.

With seemingly plenty of money to spend, Robertson has purchased Great Britain's TVS Entertainment for $68.5 million. TVS owns MTM Productions, maker of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Hill Street Blues, and Evening Shade. The company's library also includes " Lou Grant," "The Bob Newhart Show," "Remington Steele," and "St. Elsewhere."

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