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Christian Coalition update

The Christian Coalition, televangelist Pat Robertson's political arm, is the best-organized and most effective religious right group in the country. With about 750 chapters, and a full-time staff in 15 states, the Coalition claims about 350,000 members. < p> The Christian Coalition's goal by year-end is to have 1500 chapters, a full-time staff in 20 states, and 800,000 members, including 50,000 precinct leaders who will provide grass-roots leadership. Additionally, 25,000 church liaison leaders will work to link the Christian Coalition with local churches and local political precincts.

Attendance at the Christian Coalition's Road to Victory political training seminar, held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, grows annually. In 1991, about 800 Christian activists attended; 1500 attended in 1992, and in September 1993, 3000 or more are expected. This year's Road to Victory will take place in Washington, DC.

Robertson's goal is to make the Christian Coalition the most powerful political organization in America by 2000. Resolute in his theocratic agenda, Robertson is quick to accuse his critics of "religious bigotry."

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