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Religious right election victories

In its ongoing quest for power, the religious right won hundreds of races in last November's election. Although the Christian right lost its bid to retain the presidency, and failed to gain control of either house of Congress, it fared well, nonetheless.

Guy Rodgers, national field director for the Christian Coalition, told the Freedom Writer, "Things were mixed in some areas, but we saw a lot of pleasant surprises and encouraging results in other areas." "As far as what we did," he added, "and the effect our people at the grass roots, well, we're obviously looking at a lot of things other than the presidency."

The Institute for First Amendment Studies monitored over 500 races. Congressional candidates with known connections to the Christian Coalition won 41% of their contests. Of 92 conservative Congressional candidates who received a 100% rating from the Chris tian Coalition, 71% won seats, including 6 Senators and 57 House members.

Furthermore, the Christian right gained almost 1,000 school board seats across the nation bringing the total since 1989 to about 3,000 born-again school board members.

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