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Aid to religious schools

"Aid for students in religious schools is as American as apple pie," according to the new education secretary, Lamar Alexander. The secretary's statement followed President Bush's recent promise to revolutionize American education.

Eschewing "choice" when it comes to abortion, the religious right has adopted "parental choice" as the pro-family position concerning education.

The Washington-based Family Research Council, a division of James Dobson's Focus on the Family ministry, has accused liberals of "attacking the most pro-family part" of Bush's new education package. They singled out Sen. Edward Kennedy, in particular, who m they said was trying to distance himself from the scandal involving his nephew at the Kennedy's Palm Beach estate.

"By offering public dollars to private schools, including religious schools" Kennedy said, "the Administration is reopening the bitter and divisive policy and constitutional debates of the past."

Dobson's group said, "The President must be willing to battle schoolyard bullies like Kennedy and take on the unions. He must include private, religious, and home schools in his coalition."

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