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RU 486

RU 486: The Pill That Could End the Abortion Wars and Why American Women Don't Have It? by Lawrence Lader. Addison-Wesley: 1991. Hardcover 160 pages.

RU 486 will be a boon to American women not just because of its safety and efficiency but because it can virtually eliminate the fanatical opposition to abortion now dividing this country, argues Lawrence Lader in his new book, RU 486: The Pill that Co uld End the Abortion Wars and Why American Women Don't Have It. Since RU 486 guarantees privacy in abortion, Lader stresses that opponents would no longer be able to picket and attack every doctor's office nation-wide.

Approval of RU 486 will put the decision about abortion back between the woman and her doctor the foundation of Roe v. Wade and that's where Lader argues it belongs. An exclusive contribution of Lader's book is his description of practical stra tegies to bring RU 486 into the United States quickly. These strategies are based on "Mini-FDA" laws in such states as New York, California, and Connecticut which allow investigation and testing of new drugs under state health departments.

Lawrence Lader, founding chair of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and president of Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM) contends that women must have choice of a new abortion method and that RU 486 eliminates surgical intervention of the body.

Lader reveals how right-wing members of Congress and extremist religious groups have suffocated research at the National Institutes of Health on the use of RU 486 in non-abortion medical treatment that could be a boon to millions of Americans. "Easier del ivery in childbirth, a once-a-month contraceptive pill, treatment of brain tumors and breast cancer these are a few of the possible breakthroughs denied Americans because the White House has put political donma over medical progress," Lader points out.< p> Lawrence Lader's book is another recommended handbook for activists.

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