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50 Ways to Fight Censorship

5O WAYS TO FIGHT CENSORSHIP and Important Facts to Know About the Censors by Dave Marsh. Thunder's Mouth Press: 1991. Softcover 128 pages paper.

Here, at last, is a handbook for those who are growing increasingly outraged and frustrated by the moves toward censorship of recent years, who see the real and terrible dangers and want to do something.

In 5O Ways to Fight Censorship and Important Facts to Know About the Censors, best-selling author Dave Marsh offers effective ways concerned citizens can help to safeguard constitutional rights that can no longer be taken for granted.

Marsh, who has written and lectured extensively on this issue, details shocking examples of censorship in music literature and the visual arts, and identifies the ideologues who advocate censorship and the big businesses who back them. He then offers 50 simple acts anyone can undertake to combat the encroaching limitations on the rights, not just of the artists, but of every citizen.

These actions include forming anti-censorship groups, writing petitions, staging rallies, and organizing boycotts. To make follow-through easier and more effective, the book concludes with an extensive list of local and national resources for organized po litical action.

Truly, his 5O Ways to Fight Censorship is a book whose time has come.

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