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Radicals sieze school board seats

Robert L. Simonds, president of the radical Christian organization known as the National Association of Christian Educators (NACE), and Citizens for Excellence in Education boasted that during 1990 his organization helped elect 450 born-again Christians to school boards across the nation. Simonds is the author of How to Elect Christians to Public Office, a manual used by his groups, known as CEE cells, in more than 600 school districts.

Simonds, a member of the Coalition on Revival (COR), has expressed his Christian Reconstructionist beliefs in How to Elect Christians to Public Office. For instance, in the book's introduction he states: "The Christian religion (the Bible) is the basis for all morality (right and wrong). Yet the Church has layed [sic] its Biblical [sic] mandate to impact and transform society."

"Atheistic secular humanists," Simonds continues, "should be removed from office and Christians should be elected." He adds, "Government and true Christianity are inseparable!" "There can be no morality (right and wrong) without man's only reliable book on right and wrong." He emphasizes that only "Christians can properly apply Bible principles to government, because they are the ones reading the Bible and trusting its teachings to be true." Simonds concludes, "Holding up Christian standards can only be done by electing Christian officials." To date, CEE cells exist in more than 400 school districts. In the past six months, Simonds' group also claims to have organized 220 Public School Awareness (PSA) committees. PSAs are organized in churches to help the church "fulfill the political mission of the church for Christ." "Our job is to evangelize...our schools are the battleground," says Simonds. How do the NACE and CEE-cells evangelize?

Well, another book, The Political Mission of the Church by Billy Falling, head of Christian Voters League sets the standard. The book, geared especially to pastors, shows ministers how to evangelize the community through the political process." Simonds is currently promoting this book, along with his own.

It's no secret that Simonds organization intends to take over as many of the nation's 17,500 public school districts as possible. How to Elect Christians to Public Office declares that the separation of church and state is a "socialist myth." With the dismissal of the separation of church and state Simonds declares: "Evangelicals are now America's only hope.... We need strong school board members who know right from wrong. The Bible, being the only true source on right and wrong, should be the guide of board members."

In organizing CEE cells, the How to Elect Christians manual states that it is "critical" that "all officers must attend, regularly, a local Bible-believing church." The manual also speaks of "the Christian agenda," and calls for a recall of non-cooperative school board members "when cooperation with the Christian agenda is refused."

While the book focuses on school boards, it is a useful tool for any local or state-wide election. Its effectiveness has been borne out in a number of hotly contested school board races.

"It takes a couple of years," according to Kathy Simonds, "to control a school board." She is operations manager for the NACE/CEE, and daughter of Robert Simonds. She told the Freedom Writer, "We are usually completely defeated, or we usually compl etely win" in individual school board races. Last year, in San Diego County, with its 15 to 20 school districts, Simonds' group won an astounding 30 school board seats.

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