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Bible stories end in Florida

A public school teacher, Martha Lee Mitchell of Fernandina Beach, Florida, who had been reading Bible stories to her elementary school students for the past thirty years, has been forced to discontinue her unconstitutional practice. The parents of one of Mitchell's students filed a lawsuit (with the assistance of the ACLU) again st the Nassau County School Board because it refused to order Ms. Mitchell to stop reading Bible stories in class.

The Hatches agreed to a $15,000 settlement, plus attorneys' fees. Marshall Wood, attorney for the school board said, "The settlement is prohibiting us from doing what we were doing and we are admitting we were wrong in the type of activity complained of."

Concerned Citizens of Nassau County, a group that favors Bible reading in the public schools, paid the settlement and fees. The group is headed by Edwin Shick, pastor of the First Assembly of God Church.

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