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Robertson returns to politics

"Christian Americans are tired of getting stepped on," says the brochure that has landed in a quarter of a million homes this year and which signals the return to politics of television evangelist Pat Robertson.

The mailing is on behalf of the Christian Coalition, a new grassroots organization Robertson has created as a successor to the two high-flying Christian political groups of the 1980s the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority and Robertson's Freedom Counci l, both now defunct.

"The Christian community got it backwards in the 1980s," said Ralph Reed, executive director of the coalition, "We tried to change Washington when we should have been focusing on the states. The real battles of concern to Christians are in neighborhoods, school boards, city councils and state legislatures."

Reed said he expects the coalition to have organizations in 32 states by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Robertson who retreated from political involvement after his failed GOP presidential bid in 1988 is keeping his options open. He has not ruled out seeking office again, and he has made it clear he will support Democratic candidates if their views on abortion and other issues of concern to evangelicals are preferable to those of their Republican opponents.

"If the Republican Party turns its back on the 'pro-life' movement," said Reed, "what Lee Atwater calls the big tent of the Republican Party is in danger of becoming a pup tent."

Source: The Washington Post, March 14, 1990.

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