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Temple tempo intensifies

Millions of Christians hooked on Bible prophecy are keeping a watchful eye on "the Jew." According to Hal Lindsey's mega-hit book, The Late Great Planet Earth, "as man near[s] the end of history as we know it...there would be a precise pattern of events which would loom up in history." Lindsey adds, "men are trying to find a way of predicting the future." "The Jew," Lindsey postulates, "is the most important sign to this generation."

Lindsey, like many others who study Bible prophecy, believes it to be inevitable that the Jews will rebuild the Holy Temple, which was destroyed in 70 C.E. Then, just prior to the Second Coming, "the Anti-Christ" will rule the world from the Temple.

Christian observers have been encouraged by recent events. In Jerusalem, several Jewish groups have actually taken steps toward rebuilding the Holy Temple and resuming animal sacrifices. Time magazine of October 16, 1989, pointed out, as did Lindsey, that the proposed Temple site is currently the location of two sacred Islamic shrines the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. The situation is volatile. One Muslim official said that they "will defend the Islamic holy places to the last drop of their blood."

On October 16, Jewish extremists tried to lay the cornerstone for the new Temple. Police prevented the group from bringing the three-ton stone within Jerusalem's ancient walls. However, word of the attempt spread to Arab east Jerusalem. A riot ensued which resulted in 20 people being injured and at least 40 arrested.

Schemes to bring about so-called Bible prophecy are short-sighted, self-fulfilling, and destined to fail. Such attempts could have cataclysmic consequences.

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