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Abortion Rights and Fetal "Personhood"

Abortion Rights and Fetal "Personhood" edited by Edd Doerr and James W. Prescott. 149 pp. Centerline Press (1989).

Through an intellectual and informed approach, this book attempts to answer the question, "When does a fetus become a 'person' with legal rights?" Of particular interest is an examination of the anti-abortion documentary "The Silent Scream." The chapter concludes: "The evidence concerning the development of the brain directly contradicts the claims made in 'The Silent Scream' and in light of this evidence, the contents of the film have to be re-evaluated. Although 'The Silent Scream' may still have a strong emotional impact when viewed, the evidence from scientists who have expertise in this area has to be considered. And the evidence should be taken into account on any decisions about abortion including decisions on bills in Congress that declare a person exists at conception. There is no person at conception and to declare person[hood] as beginning at conception flies in the face of all scientific evidence."

Abortion Rights and Fetal "Personhood" is a valuable resource for those who want to argue for choice amid the complex issues which surround abortion.

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