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Abortion Is Not a Sin

Abortion Is Not A Sin by K.B. Welton. 228 pp. Pandit Press (1987).

Billed as "a new-age look at an age-old problem," this book examines the abortion issue from many religious and new-age perspectives. Employing a wide spectrum of sources, the author makes it clear that abortion is not an open and shut case from a religious point of view.

The author has presented a host of arguments in favor of choice. One argument, which, for many, is the heart of the matter: "The modern debate about pregnancy termination, and when 'personhood' begins, has often centered on the argument about the presence of brain waves in the fetus. Of course, implicit in this argument is that the personhood of the mother doesn't count anymore, even though there is no argument over the reality of her own brain waves."

The atheists among us are not left out. The author entertains the proposition that if there is no soul, there is no "murder" of a fetus.

Abortion Is Not A Sin is thought provoking and well worth reading.

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