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Spiritual Warfare

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: The Politics of the Christian Right by Sara Diamond. 300 pp. South End Press (1989).

This is probably the most important book on the radical Christian right since the televangelist scandals. As solid investigative journalism, Spiritual Warfare begins where superficial media coverage of the TV preacher scandals left off. The author, through original research, exposes the threat the radical Christian right poses to our constitutional guarantee of separation between church and state.

Sara Diamond has done her homework. She conducted hundreds of interviews, attended scores of evangelical meetings, and monitored more than a decade of religious broadcasts.

Spiritual Warfare is a reliable reference which deserves a place on your library shelf next to Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman's classic, Holy Terror: The Fundamentalist War on America's Freedom in Religion, Politics, and Our Private Lives.

This book categorically answers the question, "Why the Freedom Writer?" Diamond's book is a must-read volume for serious observers of the radical Christian right.

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