IFAS | Freedom Writer | November/December 1989 | gayrights.html

New gay rights law under attack

Even after victory, the 17-year battle for gay rights in Massachusetts is not over. This fall the state became the second in the nation, after Wisconsin, to enact gay rights legislation.

The new law forbids discrimination in housing, employment, credit, and accommodations because of one's sexual preference. It empowers the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination to investigate alleged violations.

Christian fundamentalists have vowed to repeal the measure at the polls. Nancy Sutton, head of Citizens for Families First, the group which organized the repeal movement, said: "We intend to defeat this legislation and bury it so deep no one will ever find it again."

To place the repeal question on the 1990 ballot, 25,263 signatures must be collected. With the explosive growth of ultra-fundamentalist churches in the state this should not be difficult.

Hopefully, when the measure comes before Massachusetts voters, they will affirm the policy of equal rights for all the state's citizens.

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