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Hillary joins GOP prayer group

In March, the New York Post revealed that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Methodist, had joined a weekly prayer breakfast at the Capitol attended mostly by conservative Republicans. The group's members include: Senators Don Nickles (R-OK), George Allen (R-VA), Kit Bond (R-MO), Jim Bunning (R-KY), James Inhofe (R-OK), Jon Kyle (R-AZ), Conrad Burns (R-MT) and John Edwards (D-NC).

Asked to comment, the New York senator said, through an aide, that it was a private matter. None of the other senators commented on Ms. Rodham Clinton's attendance other than to say that the prayer meetings were a way to get to know one another better, and that she was welcome.

While not mentioning the former First Lady's attendance, Senate chaplain Lloyd Ogilive said that the participants are encouraged "to tell their friends how God influences them and to describe their own personal journey."

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