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Christian Coalition charged with bias

Earlier this year ten African-American employees of the Christian Coalition of America (formerly known as the Christian Coalition) filed a discrimination suit against the organization. The suit, filed in US District Court in Washington, DC in February, alleges that black employees must use the back door and eat in a segregated area.

The suit claims that Roberta Combs (formerly head of the South Carolina Christian Coalition), now executive director of Christian Coalition of America, "has stated that the African-American employees cannot use the kitchen facilities because they are talkative and waste too much time in the kitchen."

The suit also alleges that black employees were excluded from two dinners and a prayer breakfast to honor President Bush. It further claims that while some white employees of the Coalition receive health insurance, black employees do not.

"Defendants' behavior toward the plaintiffs is outrageous, especially in a city that has a majority of African-American residents, in an office suite overlooking the US Capitol building, for an organization whose purpose is the furtherance of Christian ethics and principles," the lawsuit says.

Combs said, "Let me categorically state that Christian Coalition vehemently denies any accusation of discrimination of any kind."

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