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Bush speech coverup continues

Texas Governor George W. Bush's mysterious speech to the secretive Council for National Policy last October is still under wraps. To date, all efforts to learn what the Republican presidential hopeful said to the conservative group have failed. The CNP's elite membership is overwhelmingly Republican, anti-choice, antigay, and pro-gun. Bush's appearance at the clandestine meeting was first reported in the March/April Freedom Writer. On May 19, 2000, taking its cue from Freedom Writer, The New York Times probed the matter. According to the Times article, Ari Fleischer, a Bush spokesman, said, "When we go to meetings that are private, they remain private." Yet he commented, "As far as we know, there is no tape." Morton C. Blackwell, CNP's executive director said that the Bush campaign should have a copy of the tape, but added that Bush's people did not want the tape made available.

In the past, the Institute for First Amendment Studies has found ways to obtain tapes of the CNP's closed-door meetings. The October meeting was no exception. However, the Bush tape was excluded from the set of tapes of the meetings.

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