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Campus Counter-subversion

Corporate Security

Rees's Pieces

The Neo-Nazi KKK Network

Slippery Slope Redux

Not even the tremendous gains of the counter-subversion worldview during the Reagan years pacified the true believers. Their concerns were expressed at a February 1989 conference held by nativist conspiracy theorists in Worcester, Massachusetts where author John Stormer told the crowd of 200 that, "Communists are running wild in America."

Many in attendance were recruited through flyers distributed by ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist groups. The conference packet held an issue of the magazine published by the John Birch Society whose headquarters graced the Boston suburb of Belmont for many years. In fact, key figures of the Birch Society attended the sessions, and one person who has monitored the Birchers for almost 20 years concluded the seminar was clear evidence that the Birch Society and its mentality are alive and well, at least in the Boston area.

The Worcester audience watched Oliver North's communist red menace slide show which was origially used for contra fundraising. North's trial was mentioned repeatedly in the context of proving the treason of those who are prosecuting North.

Treason and conspiracy were the main themes of the conference. Stormer's "None Dare Call it Treason" was for sale at the conference and formed the outline of the presentations. The back cover summarizes the text as detailing "the communist-socialist conspiracy to enslave America" and documenting "the concurent decay in America's schools, churches, and press which has conditioned the American people to accept 20 years of retreat in the face of the communist enemy." Liberals, secularists, humanists, and psychologists were all denounced as helping pave the way for a communist takeover. Stormer was joined by Conservative Caucus founder Howard Phillips who conducted several workshops on the domestic subversive network.

According to Stormer, all problems worldwide "stem from the Soviet Union." The roots of government subversion in the U.S. were planted at the Department of Agriculture where "Young Communist attorneys, fresh off the campuses of Harvard and Columbia" began to plan the take over of every government agency.

After Iran-Contragate, said Stormer, "hard-line knowledgable anti-communists, such as Oliver North" were cleaned out of the National Security Council, when really the "State Department needs to be cleaned out."

Stormer blamed liberals in Congress and the Jimmy Carter Administration for destroying internal security in U.S. and allowing communist subversion to flourish. He said North was forced to lie to Congress because North didn't want to give sensitive information to Congressman George Crockett, thought to be a security risk because as an NLG attorney in the 1950's, Crockett defended top communist leaders called before congressional committees and prosecuted for their beliefs. Stormer said Crocket, "showed his allegiance, although he has never been identified as a known communist."

The audience in Worcester bought the whole apple pie served up by Stormer. The only serious discussion between workshops cen tered the pervasiveness of the conspiracy, and the role of the Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Council on Foriegn Relations and Fabian Socialism. The scene could well have been painted by a tipsy Norman Rockwell attempting a pastiche of Picasso's Guerni ca. There were sex-segregated rows of fresh-faced teenagers from private Christian schools, businessmen in banker's suits, middle aged women with henna hair and diamond earings, grey-haired dowagers shrinking into their furs, young professionals in tweed sports coats and wire rimmed glasses, craggy couples in wool shirts and bulky sweaters.

According to Stormer, "If you have millions of people conditioned to think a certain way by the humanists, it only takes a few communists to manipulate them." The framework of the conspiracy is erected through state control of the public school educational system which was first instituted by John Dewey in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Dewey not only urged centralized curriculums under state government agencies, but encouraged the expurgation of religion from the then widely-used McGuffey Readers series of schoolbooks. Thus it is the seculari zation of American society that is leading to its demise.

Stormer believed that secularists, liberals, humanists, and socialists pave the way for communism due to their naive believe that Man is basically good, when true Christian conservatives know that Man is basically evil and finds goodness only through God. Because of the erroneous belief in evolution, all humanists think communism will eventually evolve, which is impossible. Because of pervasive acceptance of modern psychology, humanists believe Man is a product of his environment; they thus think if the communists do something bad, it must be our fault. Of course, true Christian conservatives realize that Communism is the embod iment of evil, said Stormer.

What is important to Stormer and his allies is made clear by his comment that "Nicauragua under Somoza was not a system we would be comfortable living under, but at least you could own private property and practice your religion." Stormer said Reagan appointees such as U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick understood this concept, which is why they were forced out of the Reagan Adminstration, which all conference speakers agreed had sold out to the "Washington Insiders".

Howard Phillips doesn't have much faith in the Bush Adminstration either, calling the first term the "third Bush Administration" Phillips announced that "the Western Alliance is coming apart at the seams," and suggested we should "take back the Panama Canal" and "support for South Africa as a bulwark against communism."

Phillips, who one headed up the Young Republican Club at Harvard, moved on to be appointed by Nixon to dismantle the Office on Economic Opportunity which Stormer described as "basically financing the whole revolution in American cities." Phillips spoke on the topic: "How U.S. Taxpayers Finance Perversion and Domestic Leftists."

Another key thesis of the Stormer conference was that the American intelligence community was still hamstrung by laws, court decisions. federal regulations and a cabal of traitors, from adequately penetrating the subversive political movements in America today. Indeed, that premise is a central thesis of the counter-subversion network and why it sees a need to not only cooperates with the FBI, but also to establish parallel surveillance structures.

From Red Menace to the Pink, Green, and Lavender Subversives

Campus Counter-subversion

At the 1989 Conservative Political Action Conference counter- subversion star J. Michael Waller spoke at a student workshop on conducting "Opposition Research." At the workshop a pamphlet published by the Young Americans for Freedom was distributed. Titled "List of Un-American Organizations on Our College Campuses" the 15-page booklet is dedicated to "Uncle Joe (1908-1957)" and fulfills its McCarthyist heritage by its blacklist-style smears of CISPES, United Campuses Against Nuclear War, Communist Party USA, Oxfam America, Trans Africa, Washington Office on Africa, United States Student Association, and a "Sandinista Support Network" including Witness for Peace, Nicaragua Network and TecNica.

According to the pamphlet:

=== "With Congress and the FBI no longer able to investigate anti-American activities on the college campuses, it has increasingly become the responsibility of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) to keep watch over those groups who desire to undermine America. === "While YAF was able to secretly monitor Leftist groups for the last several years, a recent string of newspaper articles and a television documentary have appeared, blowing YAF's cover.

The pamphlet also archly warns that it hopes to provide:

=== "a basic idea of the terrible threat these Hard- Left groups pose to our way of life. Many of these groups take their orders directly from a hostile foreign power and all of them are entrenched on at least one of the college campuses in your community.
Corporate Security

Commercial security consulting firms such as Vance Security Assets Protection Team, Business Risks International, and Wackenhut continue to offer services with paranoid right-wing assumptions sometimes in evidence. This is especially true with security during labor struggles or strikes. Information on this area is meager given the secretive nature of the organizations. A study of Vance was published by the paperworkers union.

Rees's Pieces

The former kingpin of the intelligence arm of the counter- subversion network John Rees, Rees was a Falstafian figure who relished his role and the intrigue it involved. He is assisted by a staff of investigators which includes his wife, Sheila Louise Rees, a former aide to the late Rep. Larry McDonald. Rees also runs a network of informants and infiltrators which often is better placed than FBI informants and is more professional than the young campus-oriented network favored by the Council for Inter-American Security and Young Americans for Freedom.

S. Louis Rees now is the official editor of Information Digest, published out of a house in Baltimore, Maryland where she is assisted by John Rees and Martha Powers.

The Neo-Nazi KKK Network

At the farthest fringe of the counter-subversion movement are the Neo-Nazi and Klan groups in the U.S. that are known to share data on their ideological and racial enemies,

Although this activity frequently is carried out in secret, one published clue appeared in the newspaper of the neo-Nazi White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) run by former California Klan leader Tom Metzger. The article, which refers to ZOG, the Zionist Occupational Government, speaks for itself:

=== ". . .Agents of the Jew power system must learn a lesson in honesty. (We differentiate between an honest labor- oriented Left, eager to know more about anti-establishment Whites apart from their media stereotype, and the dishonest Leftists who are really only police spies). W.A.R. would like to obtain photographs of ZOG agents such as Leonard Zeskind of the so-called `Center for Democratic Renewal' (a.k.a. National Anti-Klan Network), `Chip' Berlet of `Midwest Research' and similar police- tied groups (Public Eye, ADL, etc.) and individuals. === "All such photographs and documents are intended only to protect our rights. (Our criteria for determining if a Left group is police-connected is to examine their reporting of the murders of Kahl and Mathews. If they simply repeat the pig's version of events, something they would never do if negroes or Jews were victims-they are ZOG). Let's keep an eye on the spies and, through legal means, use their own tactics against them: White activists should attend these ZOG group's meetings whenever possible-taking notes or tape recording the talks. === "Send copies to W.A.R. Counterintelligence c/o this newspaper-and be sure to photograph the speakers and their associates-such photos are a big help to our team.

Needless to say, it is unlikely that information gathered by this network is shared with federal or local law enforcement officials.

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