What are the Beliefs of White Supremacists?

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August 6, 1999

Despite the wide range of white supremacist organizations, and the significant differences among them, they share a number of basic assumptions, which unite them (Ferber 1998).

· They believe that race and gender are essential differences, given by God or biology. These differences are assumed to be unchanging, universal, inherent, and inherited.

· Tremendous ridicule and anger are directed at those who would question or attempt to "interfere" with these natural differences, including feminists and "multiculturalists."

· These differences are taken as signs of the naturalness of inequality. From this perspective, difference requires hierarchy. The simple recognition of difference is taken as proof of "the natural order" of inequality.

· The superiority of white men is naturalized, and people of color and women are defined as inferior. It is believed to be white men's duty to protect white women from the clutches of Jews who seek to steal them away or brainwash them, and black men, who are viewed as criminal and animal like.

· The movement argues that the white race faces the threat of genocide. They believe that Jews (defined as a distinct race) control the government and media, and are plotting to eliminate the white race and gain world domination. Miscegenation is identified as the Jews' key tool to race-mix the white race out of existence.

· The end goal is separation of the races, either via geographic segregation or extermination.


Ferber, Abby L. 1998. White Man Falling: Race, Gender and White Supremacy. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

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