Hate and Ethnoviolence

Studying Hate Crimes

Various Motivations for Participation in Hate Crimes


  • Turf Defense (geographic)
  • Status Anxiety (economic, social, & cultural)
  • Jealousy Projection (perceived power of target is seen as justifying aggression)
  • Identity Anxiety (usually self-defense against perceived sexual threat)
  • Ideological Aggression (usually political or religious)
  • Peer Pressure 
  • Shock Value (excitement or thrill at shocking community)


Hate Crimes Statistics - 1995 to Most Recent - Incidents by Category

List of Hate Crimes Researchers [An expanded and updated version of the ASA list compiled by Randy Blazak]

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism
California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino CA, 92407

Gonzaga University Institute for Action against Hate
AD Box 43
502 E. Boon Ave.
Spokane WA 99258-0043
509 323 3665

Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence
96 Falmouth Street, Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104-9300
207.780.4756 (phone)
207.228.8550 (fax)

Hate Crimes Research Network
Department of Sociology
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207
503-725-3926 (voice)
503-725-3957 (fax)

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict

Special Report from the American Friends Service Committee: "In a Time of Broken Bones: A Call to Dialogue on Hate Violence and the Limitations of Hate Crimes Legislation." The report decries the use of penalty enhancements while supporting other aspects of such legislation.

Title: A Policymaker's Guide to Hate Crimes. Series: Monograph Author: Gwen Holden, Paul E. Lawrence, Lisa Doyle Moran, Robert Kapler, and Jennifer A. Ferrante Published: November 1999

Researching Hate Crimes: Who and Why?
This lesson plan is designed to accompany the P.O.V. program, Blink, by Elizabeth Thompson
(originally broadcast on P.O.V., week of Tuesday, July 18, 2000),
but this plan can also be used independently of the film.


FBI: Hate Crime in the United States

Hate Crime Research Network

Human Rights First




Hate Crimes Today An Age-Old Foe In Modern Dress

Psychosocial Motivations of Hate Crime Perpetrators
Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
The Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training
University of Washington




Stop Hate

The Working Group
Not in our town


Hate Crimes in America: What Do We Know?

Search "Hate Crimes"

Ryken Grattet

Valerie Jenness

Hate Crime in America - What do We Know?


Report Hate Crimes

Hate crimes should be reported to you local police department. In addition you may wich to supply information to the following groups:

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
Report several types of discrimination against persons of Arab descent
including travel restrictions and civil liberties

Anti-Defamation League
Antisemitic Incidents
(read the definitions under the heading Nature of the Incident)
If you are the victim of anti-Semitic harassment or vandalism
If you have personal knowledge of anti-Semitic harassment or vandalism

Council on American Islamic Relations
Report several types of discrimination against Muslims including travel and civil liberties
Passenger Profiling
Hate Crimes
Also see the Mosque Safety Checklist accessible from CAIR main page

The Sikh Coalition
Report Hate Crimes

For a larger list: Resources & Hotlines to report incidences of hate violence and to combat hate violence nationwide
National Network for immigrant and Refugee Rights

Online Articles:

Spotlight On

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