Hate in America: What Do We Know?

What is the History of Bias-Motivated Violence?

How Do We Measure Hate Crime?

What are the Aggregate Patterns of Hate Crime in the U.S.?

How Has the Law Been Used to Respond to Bias-Motivated Violence?

What is the History of the U.S. White Supremacist Movement?

What are the Factors Contributing to the Growth of the White Supremacist Movement?

General Factors Leading to Group Expressions of Hate

Factors that Contribute Specifically to White Supremacy Movements

What are the Demographic Characteristics of the White Supremacist Movement?

What are the Beliefs of White Supremacists

Documents from a press conference sponsored by the American Sociological Association on August 6, 1999 in Chicago, IL
ASA Logo American Sociological Association

Valerie Jenness - University of California, Santa Barbara
Abby L. Ferber - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Ryken Grattet - University of California, Davis
James F. Short, Jr. - Washington State University, Pullman (Emeritus)

List of Hate Crimes Researchers [An expanded and updated version of the ASA list compiled by Randy Blazak]

Building Equality

Hate Crimes Statistics - 1995 to Most Recent - Incidents by Category

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