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Election 2004
  A Message from Political Research Associates November 17th, 2004

The presidential election of 2004 will keep political analysts sorting out its real meaning for some time. Many people have focused on trying to figure out why John Kerry lost. More to the point, from PRA's perspective, is how and why did George W. Bush win? We already have seen many interpretations of the exit polls. Most common is the idea that voting patterns indicate a polarized electorate with a major split over moral issues like gay marriage and abortion. Is the electorate really so neatly divided into Red and Blue states as the mainstream media and the pundits tend to portray it? And are these the real issues that drove the election?
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These two books by PRA staff have particular relevance to the recent election:
Mobilizing Resentment
by Jean Hardisty
Right-Wing Populism in America
by Chip Berlet & Matthew N. Lyons

A Call To Defend Democracy And Pluralism A Call To Defend Democracy And Pluralism
  The Blue Mountain Working Group
November 1994

This ten year old statement by progressive U.S. social movement activists was ahead of its time. It speaks to progressive concerns over the 2004 elections.
"We are a group of individuals interested in joining with others to rebuild a multi-issue movement for progressive social change that can assist in informing and organizing broad coalitions to reverse the ominous rightwing backlash currently sweeping the United States..."
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