9/11/01 - Repercussions

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No Right Answers: How the U.S. Political Right Reacted to 9/11 and the Crises in the Middle East

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Erosion of Civil Liberties

Terrorism & Counterterrorism

Chemical and Biological Threats

Who is behind the anthrax letters?
Terms & Concepts: Use with Caution - Islamophobia & Arabophobia, Terrorism, Fundamentalism, Neofascism, Clerical Fascism, Theocratic Islamic Fundamentalism, Apocalyptic Demonization

Understanding Wahhabism and Salafism - The theology behind bin Laden and the Taliban

Background on the Middle East

Understanding Islam

Attacks on People Perceived to be Arab or Muslim

Demonization, Scapegoating, & Apocalypticism

Visions of Hope and the Future - Waging Peace

Media Coverage & Propaganda

Issues of Left Rhetoric

"All the President's Men" Key Figures in the Bush Administration

Social Science Articles

Bill Berkowitz columns on how the US political right is using the tragedy to promote its agendas

The ‘Religion’ of Usamah bin Ladin:  Terror As the Hand of God, by Jean E. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Religion.

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Libertarian & Conservative Nationalist Views

Christian Right Views

Hard Right, Patriot, Militia Views

Neofascist Views

Antisemitic Conspiracist Views

Conspiracist Views

International Far Right Views (compiled by Searchlight)

Antiwar--but not our allies

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