Issues of Left Rhetoric

A number of liberal and conservative columnists have implied that many on the political left "hate the US" or support Osama bin Laden or the acts of terrorism. Many of these claims are based on the misrepresentation of analytical articles by leftists as apologia for the terrorism. While in a few verifiable cases there have been objectionable messages posted on a handful of left e-mail lists and chat boards, in every case we have been able to research, there has been an immediate condemnation by either the hosts of the list, other participants, or both.

In a related matter, some right-wing, conspiracist, or antisemitic material has been cross-posted to left lists. Again, these posts have been quickly condemned by either the hosts of the list, other participants, or both.

Anti-US messages on chat page denounced by chat host

Tactical Alliances--an Unfortunate Reality; Uncritical Coalitions--No by Chip Berlet

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