For Immediate Release - 12 September 2001
by Dr Michael Hill President, The League of the South

The League of the South condemns the 11 September attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Those who aided and abetted the perpetrators of these attacks ought to be brought swiftly to justice. We also offer our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families of those who died in the attacks, as well as to those who were injured.

In the midst of rightful sorrow and anger that accompany such events, we ought to struggle to understand why this has happened to us. The logical question with which to begin is a simple one: Why does the United States have so many enemies abroad? Could it be that since the War Between the States, America has become an empire with its tentacles-both military and financial-squeezing the entire globe? The U.S. Establishment elite has committed itself to a thoroughgoing reconstruction of the world in its own image. Such policies have thus alienated many peoples who don't wish to live in the mold Uncle Sam foists upon them. Now, innocent Americans are paying the price--in blood--for their leaders' arrogance, hubris, and megalomania. In short, the U.S. has ignored the Founders' sound advice, and often times has not been a good neighbor. It is long past time for the U.S. to restore a foreign policy based on vigilant neutrality and a defense policy based truly on defense rather than imperial ambition.

Americans take great offense when they themselves are wronged, but they turn a blind eye when their own government wrongs others. No civilized persons could approve what was done to Americans on 11 September. But by the same standard, no just man could sanction, for instance, the recent U.S.-NATO bombing campaign against Serbia in which thousands of civilians were callously targeted for destruction. The list of such wrongs around the world is long, as are the memories of those who suffered them. And one is left to wonder if terrorist acts in New York and Washington are not somehow reminders to the "world's only remaining superpower" that judgment indeed is visited upon nations who use their own vast powers unjustly. Let us carefully consider the words of some of our leaders who caution Americans to prepare themselves for high casualty rates among foreign civilians as we move to punish the guilty. In our anger and frustration, are we going to descend to the level of the barbarians who attacked New York and Washington?

Sadly, these recent horrors point to other national failures as well. Clearly, for all its bluff and bluster the American Imperial regime can no longer protect its innocent citizens in their homes and workplaces. How should we respond? Already, some voices have begun to croak that reducing liberty is the price of increasing security. If we fall for that folly we will end up with neither liberty nor security, and deservedly so.

That such a daring and well-coordinated assault could so perfectly blindside us points to another failure: the empire's much vaunted "intelligence community" is itself blind. Moreover, the fact that the hijacked flights originated at American airports bespeaks the failure of our immigration policies. In part, these events spring from an "open borders" policy that has for the past four decades encouraged massive Third World immigration and thus cultural destabilization. Hence, these acts of violence were also the natural fruits of a regime committed to multiculturalism and diversity, hallmarks of empire rather than of nation.

On the evening of the attack President George W. Bush told Americans that terrorists could not shake the foundation of America. But what constitutes that foundation? No one could mistake the attack's geometric symbolism. The twin towers of the World Trade Center represent America's financial might while the Pentagon stands testimony to its military power, the twin pillars that support imperial America.

We ought to learn two important lessons from witnessing the destruction of these dual symbols of imperial America. First, only fools trust in horses and chariots. Second, the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. One might say that this is America's wake-up call to forsake its idolatry and to return to its true Christian and Constitutional foundations. We were founded as neither a democracy nor an empire but as a federated, constitutional republic firmly grounded upon Biblical principles of governance. Let us learn from this terror and return humbly to our roots. Righteousness and justice-and not power and profit-should be our goal. If we approached other peoples in this spirit then at least we could claim the moral high ground when we ourselves suffer injustice. Let us not forget the admonition that violence begets violence and that reaction based solely on a desire for revenge, especially against innocent foreign nationals, is unjust.

In the midst of this terrible carnage and destruction, we call upon Southerners and other Americans not to fall prey to a false sense of patriotism. Rather, we encourage them to pray that God remember mercy and that He give their leaders wisdom, discernment, and understanding to handle this and future crises so that their own nation may stand blameless before Him who holds the destinies of all nations in His hands. Otherwise, we should not wish to be unequally yoked to such a regime.

Dr. Michael Hill President The League of the South




Lewis J. Goldberg's Resignation

A Parting of Ways Dear Loyal Readers:

This column sadly announces that after this week, I shall no longer be writing in the capacity of Missouri chairman of the League of the South. Let the below letter suffice for explanation:  

Dear Dr. Hill, et al; It is with some regret that I tender my resignation as chairman of the Missouri chapter of the League of the South.

My main reason for doing this is because I feel the press release, written by Dr. Hill and basically "high-fived" by everyone else in LOS leadership, was a symbol of something in the League I view as un-Christian and cold-hearted.

While I agree with every single point in Dr. Hill's letter, I feel that it was expressed in a callous manner, and in the worst of times - when it will be received in the most negative light. While the first paragraph was prefaced with some sympathy, it was far too little, and only placed there because I pointed out the lack thereof.

I perceive the events of the last week as a big test for us - and one which we have failed. We have always stood for the principles of the Confederacy, which were the same priciples for which the original Founders fought and died - certainly we could have extended a hand of Christian fellowship to the thousands of suffering families out there for the space of a week or two. There is plenty of time later for lecturing and finger wagging.

The Yankees are the beaten man in the road, and we are the Samaritan. We went by the other side in this case, and I am not part of anything which conducts itself thus.

I shall continue to stand for the same values I have written in favour of for so long, but in a different venue after this week.


In Christ;

Lewis J. Goldberg

Let us have compassion for our fallen brethren and let vengeance be God's if there be vengeance, for it does none of us good to rub the Yankee's nose in the dirt when he is already fallen and bloody. In two or three weeks, this forum will resurface with a new look and a renewed purpose. I do hope you'll still be with me.

Your comments and questions are welcome.

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