9/11/01 - Repercussions

Hard Right, Patriot, Militia Views

There are a variety of views in this sector, often in a blend.
  1. Condemning the attacks but condemning the bombing of Afghanistan
  2. Condemning the attacks but suporting the bombing of Afghanistan
  3. Suggesting the U.S. government had prior knowledge of or was complicit in the attacks (see conspiracism)
  4. Opposing erosion of civil liberties
  5. Offering support to government as part of Homeland Defense
  6. Preparing for government crackdown against dissent

Some of the sites we linked to originally included:

"U.S. armed forces must eradicate those responsible for attacks" - Headline with D.C. Dateline in Scaife's ultraconservative Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Teaching More Millions to Hate US - Headline for article by Jared Taylor on website of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Minutemen of America

In light of the tragic events of 9/11/01 we at the Minutemen have shifted our purpose to not only the re-installation of our true constitutional Republic but now, also to prepare as a "Home Guard" against foreign enemies of our Christian nation. The attack by Muslim fanatics upon American soil has now shown that we must organize Minuteman cells in every county in America for the defense of liberty and Christian America! Now is the time for all heterosexual Christian American males to become part of the solution not part of the problem and take America back from the alien forces which now occupy our Country! The barbarians are not at the gate, we have let them inside the fortress! We now must re-direct our mission to one of counter-insurgency warfare to repel the invaders. However, we will monitor very closly the actions of our government and continue to protect the liberties that we hold so dear. Do not give up your rights both God given and Constitutional so that we may have perceived safety. The price of peace and prosperity is not worth chains and servitude.
Statement of Signed by Several Patriot/Militia Leaders
Militias Willing to Assist in Civil Defense
Open Letter to President George W. Bush, Applicable to the Elected Heads of State of All Nations of the Free World


Now Therefore, we offer ourselves at the service of the free citizens of this land to help defend our homes, communities, our state, and even our nation from assaults that cannot be adequately met by the established military and local police.  And to the extent that our government is in harmony with the principles of freedom, we will gladly stand at their assistance. However, because of our devotion to this principle of last resort so far as the need for a non-government-organized militia, we reserve to ourselves the sovereignty to maintain a militia outside the control of the government.

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