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Holocaust II: The Beginning of the End by A.V. Schaerffenberg - NSDAPAO open neonazi site

"When New York’s World Trade Center crumbled before the eyes of all mankind, not only did the Jew
money-power’s chief headquarters collapse. So did its most visible symbol of world domination."

Posse Comitatus

"If, as a Christian Republic, we want to put an end to so-called terrorism on the soil of this nation we must expel ALL jews and non-whites from OUR Promised Land, this New JerUSAlem, call all of our armed forces from around the world back home, END our support of the TERRORIST State of Israeli, CLOSE our borders, all Praise to our Father and mind no one else's business other than that of our own nation. "

Posse Comitatus Main Page - Scroll down to read various text posts and posted comments.

World Church of the Creator - Opening Page discusses 9/11

"The only solution to the terrorism problem, therefore, is to eliminate those conditions
                that make terrorism in the United States possible. In sum, these conditions are
                    1) America's slavishly pro-Israeli foreign policy and
                    2) America's insane immigration policy."

World Church of the Creator - Ideology - antisemitic/anti-Christianity/anti-Islam article by Ben Klassen

Overthrow - Libertarian Socialist website from Bill White - an example of a right-wing attempt to recruit from the left. Mixes right-wing and left-wing material, but with enough digging you will find the "Third Position" neofascist subtext. Not to be confused with progressive libertarian socialist sites. For a clearer example of Third Position politics - click here. For what authentic libertarian socialists, socialists, and anarchists have to say about Bill White and Overthrow - click here.

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